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International Move
Domestic Move
Local Move

No matter you move to another country, to another city or to another compound, some of you will be happy with the moving, but most of you will think that is not a good experience. Because you need to do a lot which make you very tied, even headache.
However, a good moving company will consider multitude of aspects(response time, professionalism of the removal consultant, price, and the quality of packing etc.) that make you feel easy to move all your things.
And we can advise you on the best way to arrange your shipment based on your schedule, your budget and the destination.
International Move
Door to door service:Professional packing, customs declaration, transportation by sea or air, customs clearance, delivery,unpacking and DTHC etc.
Door to port:Exclude customs clearance, delivery, unpacking as well as DTHC etc.
All our partners are from FIDI and IAM, they are all professional moving companies in destination with reasonable price.
Domestic Move
Door to door:Professional packing, transportation, delivery, unpacking and set-up etc.
Local Move
Whatever you move an apartment or a house, we take good care of all your possessions.Our trained and experienced packers will pack all your belongings with recycled plastic boxes.
The length of the time required for loading and unloading of your household goods and personal effect depend on how large the move is and how prepared you are for the event.
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